Janelle is currently at Insureon as a Sr. Product Designer, embarking on her second year at the company. Leading the initiative in re-imagining Insureon’s primary user facing web pages, Janelle is at the forefront in overhauling Insureon’s information architecture, migration to a new CMS, and visual redesign. Previous experience includes roles as a User Experience designer at Adobe Systems, focusing on the user experience for Adobe’s Creative Cloud products, Enterprise offerings, Marketing products, and end-user routes to self service, and support. 

Janelle Flores entertains a passion for color and eclectic music by leaning towards work that often goes unnoticed and is unfamiliar to the average viewer. Her work contains a fine balance of effectiveness, enthusiasm, quality and quirkiness, all guided by a strong work ethic. She seeks to work on projects that desire creative solutions and need fun, fresh and thought-provoking approaches.
Janelle earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Arts in Studio Practice, and Art Teacher Preparation at San Jose State University.

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janelle flores portfolio - 2019