Visual Dictionary for Adobe Illustrator

Instructional illustrations for the Adobe Illustrator Visual Dictionary. The terms were featured and accessible within the actual Adobe Illustrator app itself. For new users to Adobe Illustrator, some of the terminology in the app may need some explanation. Research shows that users have a higer recall when content is grouped with associated images.  

Each term in the Adobe Visual dictionary uses a simple illustration accompanied by a simple definition. Examples were: "What are swatches?", "What are art boards?", and "What is kerning?".

What are swatches? - How it appeared in the Illustrator application upon first load

What are artboards? - Current representation on Adobe site today

What is kerning?

What is a package?

What is transform?

What is a stroke?

What is the shape builder?

What is Kuler?

What is fill?

What is dropshadow?

What is bleed?

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